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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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in. a day of mourning and protests in tunisia the funeral of a slain opposition leader is marred by violence with protesters clashing with police this comes against a backdrop of a general strike that has power lies the country. a historic budget agreement for the you which aims to cut brussels red tape may now be undermined by bureaucracy itself as the european parliament threatens to block the deal. president obama's nominee to head the cia faces catcalls from anti drone protesters
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but seemingly gets an easy ride for lawmakers over his targeted assassinations program. world news and analysis live from our moscow headquarters you're watching archie with me to see calf enough well in tunisia clashes between the mourners and police have marred the funeral of a secular opposition leader whose assassination has led to chaos in the streets and a crisis in the parliament now violence erupted near the cemetery as demonstrators threw stones and set cars a blaze while police responded with tear gas adding to the turmoil the country has been paralyzed by a general strike archies maria from the ocean is following the developments in tunisia. as you can see many people have gathered here today for the funeral so for
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chokri belaid one of the most prominent opposition leaders who was killed on wednesday in same standard situation here on the ground remains very tense and very valid tile and that is definitely struck me that the relative stability that we've seen here at all in two thousand and eleven revolution will be the mood of people here it's quite a small square but it's packed with people with flags and all of them actually chanting from time to time and to government slogans many people we have been able to speak to here and they come here they say that the leader of a noted party. mr goodnow shit is personally responsible for this murder well these are very strong accusations actually but we've been hearing that from too many people says he was a symbol of dignity this is a political assassination and that means that the repression and violence is not over because this is a crisis. this is
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a crisis that if people want change you can go slogans of revolution of democracy protecting working class and poor people that didn't work so we can see it that is very close. to what happened in the summer there is a sign. of what could happen in the county if we don't find very quickly some concrete. solutions that we see here today and will be seen here in the last two days in the country actually it's a deja vu it's a mirror situation with what we've seen here that would be so good to me years ago in the last two days following the assassination of cook privilege there have been many protests not only in the capital tunis but throughout the country and they have been many flashes between police and opposition forces and we've heard of at least one police officer who was killed but definitely there have been much more injured. people this is a very bad situation here in the country that there is
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a growing that it may turn even more violent and it will go even further if there is no solution immediate solution this is why people are saying that they're preparing for the worst. are anatomist for rosie manji who explained why the assassination of the opposition leader holds such dire consequences for tunisia team pulls of. shukri belayed. cannot be underestimated is assassination as it is a profound. effect on the two simple palatial he has been an outspoken outstanding spokesperson for justice in tunis here he has been critical of the. party. and in particular here in normal style credibility within the trade union you get as you can see there's
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a general strike being called immediately upon his his assassination i think but. a new phase in the revolution in into noosphere ingenue would lead aleutians we never knew a lot the outcome is is going to be and i think there are. signs that this could easily do. disintegrate into some kind of civil civil war hopefully that won't happen. artie's way of punishment was a count of events we heard earlier is also posting her latest updates on her twitter feed which you can see posted on our graphic well right behind me now in one of her lowest recent posts she says that there's a growing fear of more violence as a huge crowds have gathered for the funeral because soon had to the center of the count but also follow her maria underscore in the graph and aren't a score party. i
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am. well it's been hailed as a historic deal reducing the e.u. spending for the first time ever a pay but what the e.u. leaders have struggled to agree upon now can still be undermined by the european parliament we're leaving factions have already said that the budget is simply not acceptable artists are still the reports from brussels. if there are more than twenty four hours of negotiations of bickering. along the corridors what's next more fighting more negotiations and more bickering yes after
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a deal has been made here at the e.u. summit the next step is the european parliament and they will have to approve this and we're already hearing reports that the leaders of the main political groups there don't accept the deal that was reached here and the president of the parliament martin shultz last night in a statement he had been sounding very angry at the proposed cuts and now we're already seeing the cots that the twenty seven leaders will impose on the budget he said he's not going to put a signature on something he sees as excessive so if we saw countries leaders coming here protective of their national interest we're going to see political parties protective of their own industries or whatever they represent in parliament and that is going to be a long long time of negotiations it could probably take about three months to get any answer out of there and we're seeing it's already negative david cameron came here saying that he wanted to bring down the general amount of the budget and in fact he did he got the amount he wanted it's about nine hundred eight billion euros
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however what's interesting here is he's going to go back to the u.k. now just to explain that contribution is in fact he was able to protect the rebate of the u.k. but let's not forget that that rebate the money that the u.k. gets back to be you is hinged on the contribution to agriculture now the agriculture subsidies has been cut down therefore the rebate will also go down and therefore the contribution of fact we're already hearing from the euro skeptics especially coming from his own party saying that role well done you're coming back here saying that it's a victory for the u.k. but in fact we're going to be paying more just at a time when he's going to be posing the question he says of the referendum whether or not they should even be a member of the european union the twenty seventh if he's reelected in twenty fifteen so. whether or not this is a real victory for david cameron he will have to answer that when he gets back to you can you. ok for more on the implications of the e.u. budget deal for bread and i'm now joined by james medway senior economist at the
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new economics foundation all right third world cameron is of course touting this deal as a massive success meanwhile we're already hearing concerns from britain zero skeptics you're the economist here is to help us break through the hype i mean is this actually a good deal for britain. or for britain it probably won't make an awful lot of difference cameron's right to talk about this being like a reduction in a credit card limits and of course you can have your credit card limit reduced and still spend carry on spending more money you know that's almost certainly what's going to happen to britain over the next few years the amounts that britain is expected to pay into the may need for and will increase as a result of increased payments to a new member countries so in terms of how much britain will have to pay is a total may it's not going to make much difference to what was already going to happen well how do you feel that cameron is going to be able to sell this deal to the euro skeptics of the whole not to mention those within his own party. well he
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can give it a go he's going to pretend that this will show how britain can still be a force in europe how we can push the rest of europe around this glosses over the fact of course that he wouldn't have got anywhere in this without the support of the merkel in particular so he can he can try to push that line the you know he knows what he's doing to europe and that we don't need to go so far as to step out of the european union but i wouldn't see the more euro skeptic members of his own party being particularly impressed by this of course and it's interesting to note that you bring up america because we've we've seen her almost taking a rather soft approach when it comes to britain i mean sure framed from joining the chorus of condemnation over cameron's announcement of a referendum and now at this latest summit of course we saw her backing the budget cuts that he's pushed through in your view what's behind this i mean is the e.u. powerhouse genuinely afraid of a possible british farewell. well i think what's going on here is again. between domestic german politics where reductions in the budget to drive towards
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austerity towards big budget coetzee's is something she very much wants to promote and she can come back to the elections there in september this year and say we've won the steel we're pushing through co-ops we know how to manage the money then this is good for the message she wants to get at home and then of course also i think it's the sites why. the president of france who someone who has argued fairly consistently against the kind of austerity measures wants to see growth measures as he sees them being introduced across europe so i think that's a good merkel's calculation here i don't think it's a particular fear of david cameron or u.k. leaving the e.u. any time soon striving for more about them that's because politics is a here he is saying all right well then if we look at this european market parliament which is now potentially going to be a huge obstacle to what's been hailed to this historic deal how do you see this playing out i mean could this budget sort of be undermined by essentially e.u. parole corsi. well constitutionally the well within their rights to reject this
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thing and send it back and have another go at writing this know whether they actually do that will probably depend on the fine print of the budget i mean this is an element of pork barrel always comes into these things if you can be if you can play off of people in the parliament that they will agree to the thing then maybe the you can get through but already the reason you call them to say he won't be able to support this deal with the heads of one of the major groups and all of them socialist group there are likely to be supported there's going to be a rocky road i think this budget over the next few months i will rocky ride indeed thank you so much for that analysis james medway senior economist at the new economics foundation. well the leaders may now be breathing a sigh of relief ops are we getting an agreement on the union's budget. of course not surprisingly frustration is still high in spain where thousands of
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protests and fresh government cuts in a crisis plagued education sector full coverage of that for us at our website r.t. dot com. rival president obama's choice to head the cia has faced a tough confirmation hearing at the u.s. senate of course it wasn't exactly the lawmakers who had put john brennan in the spotlight when it comes to his policy on the controversial drone program now the session was in fact interrupted several times by protesters who had held out banners like stop cia murder there were further to the use of drones by the u.s. for targeted strikes against suspected terrorists human rights groups have claimed that the program which was created or partly developed by brennan has led to
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a wide number of civilian deaths now at one point back in the hearing the chairman in fact ordered for the room to be cleared and what happened afterwards was far from the expected grilling or he's going to pass the details. what most people expected to hear was how does the u.s. government make decisions as to who should be on their kill list and mr brennan would certainly be the most appropriate person to ask because he is known to have been in charge of the kill list and he's known as the architect of the administration's targeted assassinations program so the question of who the drones are targeting was critical and one of the senators asked john brennan whether there should be at least some judicial oversight over those executions by drones and here's what he said none of those actions or to determine past guilt for those actions that he took the decisions that are movies or to take action so that we prevent future action to protect american lives so the rationale that john brennan gave for not going to court is that the administration is not in the business of
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punishing individuals but it's in the business of preventing attacks he basically says the u.s. government could execute people for what they haven't done yet you would expect a follow up questions from lawmakers as to how the administration determines the level of threat as these people constitute let's imagine an angry yemeni man who writes in his blog dad he hates america as you can see is wife died in a drone strike and he wants to take revenge is that enough to justify him being killed by a drone there are so many questions about how the administration decides to put someone on their kill list and yet there was not near enough grilling on the part of the senators to get specific answers prior to the hearing a memo was released which the justice department handed over to congress and according to the memo the government can kill people overseas even without evidence that they are actively plotting against the u.s. the paper states that the u.s. would be able to kill a u.s. citizen or non-citizen overseas when quote unquote an informed high level of social
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of the u.s. government determines that target is an imminent threat to them here for also suggest that such decisions would not be subject to judicial review and outlines a broad definition of what constitutes imminent threat. everybody expected tough questions on drones but that did not happen john brennan got away with very broad answers like the program if saving lives and you should take the administration's word for it write a draft bill in the u.k. aims to clear the way for private online messages to be monitored by the government course not surprisingly there are concerns that the proposed measures are taking national security a step too far. also coming up the third time oh lucky for georgia's president mikhail saakashvili as he almost fails to deliver his annual state of the nation speech after parliament turns its back on that and more stories for you after a break. we'll
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. technology innovation all these developments from around russia we go to the future covered. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize that everything is. working as a big picture. look. more news today. again fled up the
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phone and these are the images. from the streets of canada. plenty plenty. of government no longer represents the. people who are going to take the term. least in the traditional but in the long. the way our economic system currently is not going to. look. good. point.
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thank you all in the united kingdom a document described by some as a snoopers charter will be given another push by the government this after intelligence and security committee said the proposal lacked details the bill is designed to help authorities track online activity of citizens as well as to retrieve personal web downed up or to use our first look at how such measures could power up national security. the main area of concern surrounds this the draft communications data bill and proposals in it that critics say see the public left wide open to having their facebook accounts or twitter e-mails read anything that they visit online the websites that they gate logs by the government now understandably those plans of prevent hugely controversial with critics labeling it the sneak his charter now perhaps more concerning is the latest report by the intelligence and security committee made like to see
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a nationwide surveillance regime implemented now the government say that they need to do this to catch criminals and stop terrorism but there's lots of the members of the public saying where are safeguards when it comes to what we do online will seek more about this i'm now joined by professor and sneakily to the director studies security and intelligence studies at the university of auckland thank you very much for joining us you are in support of the draft communications data verbal i heard you describe yourself at a recent talk of the skunk at the picnic if these fees and these proposals are so unpopular why are the government pushing them through all the time when the government is pushing them through because the government realizes that they're needed some thirty million people use the internet to communicate with each other each day in the united kingdom people in this country fully accept that for more than a hundred years. their telephone conversations are likely to be mine
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if they're seen as a national security risk if there is a suspicion that a particular person is engaging serious organized crime sex trafficking or terrorism the government can then institute a crew as a member of the public who thought oh my emails well if you don't want your e-mails . nor gauged any kind of illegal activity your e-mails won't be pro if you want if you want complete drivers see don't write any letters to your friends don't speak to them on the telephone and don't send them photographs of yourself in joking that you very much for joining us if that is the house that is the solution maybe is the time for a big log of thing hey someone is actually watching. scuffles or broken down between former political prisoners and supporters of president saakashvili in the georgian capital tbilisi and the violence erupted as
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saakashvili was going to deliver his annual state of the nation speech the president was forced to change the venue for the address several times after the country's parliament refused to provide a platform or even listen to the leader in a new sign of his waning power held in the west as an exemplary democratic ruler saakashvili lost popular support as a result of his crackdown on the opposition and claims of human rights abuses parties alex alex ayers have has the details. georgia has performed miracles we moved from being a failed state will be one of the top business destinations in the world while it would be high to be a comic freedom according to the world bank number one fighter with corruption worldwide but many people started to believe in these people started to believe the moccasin was because it is georgia really a beacon of democracy and freedom not from your viewpoint when he's universities rectory refused to build a prayer room he helped organize a ten thousand strong peaceful student rally but it ended with his arrest and
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sentence of four and a half years behind bars guards could just walk into our cell and start beating us for no reason the even put twenty year old students in wheelchairs in prison one of the inmates went insane because they showed footage of how his wife was being raped . georgie thought he was spending his time with murderers and drug barons and stan he found himself among academics architects and righteous all jailed for having a different opinion to the country's leadership. works as an advisor to the minister of the penitentiary system and used to be classmates with. she believes the astonishing number of prisoners in georgia during his reign was to a large extent personally driven. he had often been joked out in school he directed his revenge against his former classmates when he became president most of them were either stripped of their businesses or put to prison in his presidency we've had twenty five thousand people in jail. shocking video of
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prisoner abuse in georgia in jails went viral and effectively diminished the president's party support by more than a hall which lost both the election and control of the country it's not yet known where the second shooter will face prosecution of that was a torture legations for two hundred political prisoners the change of power meant the chance to walk free because like us really will formally remain as georgia's president until october but he's already been transferred to the prime minister it's only when history has already declared a national wide amnesty of political prisoners but experts say there is socialization may take several more years. reporting from police in georgia let's get a check of the international headlines in the news right now. so it's a bomber has blown himself up near a security checkpoint in the city of galle in northern mali no casualties have been reported except for the bomber himself it's the first case of such a suicide attack since french troops. the north was taken over by islamist
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extremists france now once you are in peacekeepers to take over security there hasn't prepares to end its mission. a series of car bombs in iraq have killed at least thirty six people markets. were attacked in the capital of baghdad killing seventeen fourteen more died after cars that exploded in the hill of province an hour later other victims were killed by explosions in the south west of the capital no targeting busy city areas on fridays as in fact become a widespread terror traffics with the insurgents there in iraq. over one hundred thousand people had taken to the streets of the bangladesh capital for an anti-government rally protestors are venting their anger after an islam is leader convicted of war crimes was spared execution he was charged with crimes against his own people during the country's independence punctuated with pakistan back in one
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nine hundred seventy one now. was sentenced to life in prison by a military court although many had expected him to receive the death penalty. when that's the clock the that's counting down one year to the winter sochi olympics started taking work at the russian resort city is stepping up the pace organizers say the final touches are being made in preparation for one of the world's biggest and most prestigious sporting events argues andrew farmer is in sochi to discover what guests are likely to find there as well as how the city marked the start of the countdown. she is a relentless construction i think she is entering the final home straight in terms of getting prepared for these games last night to mark the one year to go there was a lavish ceremony here at the olympic park there were fireworks there is also a spectacular skating show that took place in the bolshoi that was all very
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impressive. switched on across russia if you are a fan take his have gone on sale now the cheapest ones you can pick up or something like fifteen dollars and if you're rich you fancy a bit of cash you can pick up a ticket to watch the ceremony for something like fifteen hundred dollars i have been here for the last few days and have been very impressed with what i've seen most of the sporting venues are now up and running and that is staggering considering most of them had to be built from scratch there was one area of concern and that was the ski jumping up in the mountains they are slightly behind and also over budget and that presents. a senior member of the russian olympic committee yesterday but overall the message is very positive this isn't the daily thing i mean i'm just make from the black sea here people swimming in there just minutes ago i was fifteen degrees these will be the first olympics that will be held in the subtropical climate and if you're coming here to watch in sport you will thoroughly enjoy it simply because it's so easy to get around the olympic park is extremely
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compact which means you can walk around all the venues there within about twenty minutes which means you could watch something not the ice hockey the killing and all the skating events and then if you want to see on the second day you could get on a train and within thirty minutes you'd be up in the mountains to watch the alpine events. time now for the latest business news with natasha ok now that we're hearing this there's this escalating conflict. russia's flagship airline air floats and the aircraft maker sukhoi what is this all about absolutely well air flight is fiercely criticising its regional jet basically saying that it's not really up to scratch i'll tell you all about in the business what matters for a stay tuned.


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